Ngoc Tran

Ngoc Tran (Perry) has been a student of Dougles Chan since 2021 and has proven to be dependable, reliable, and consistent. She is currently serving as the trainer for Vietnamese classes for Qimen Dunjia.

In addition to her training responsibilities, Ngoc Tran has supported Master Chan in the Vietnamese-English bilingual class since 2022. She has completed all of Dougles Chan’s required courses, including QMDJ Divination and Destiny, and continues to learn from him.

Ngoc Tran appreciates Dougles Chan’s teaching methodology and finds it very effective in transferring knowledge to students in an easy-to-understand way.

Her ambition is to expand QMDJ and Dougles Chan’s knowledge to the Vietnamese community by translating all of the knowledge, material, and methodology into the Vietnamese language. She plans to teach Vietnamese people in a more simple and modern way, while remaining true to Master Chan’s spirit.