Tay Wei Xin

Tay Weixin, is a spirited metaphysics enthusiast, whose transformative journey commenced in 2013 through the detailed practices of Tarot reading and Zhi Ping Bazi. With a robust teaching background, particularly as a former science educator, Tay combines pedagogy with a deep-seated passion for metaphysical exploration.

Her quest revolves around substantiating occurrences by applying Qi Men Dun Jia and diverse metaphysical techniques. Under the guidance by Grand Master Dougles Chan, Tay endeavors to establish meaningful connections between Qi Men Dun Jia and Zhi Ping Bazi, unraveling any correlations embedded within these ancient arts.

These techniques serve as guiding lights, giving Tay and her clients more insights through life’s complexities. Over 7 years of immersive reading experiences, she has garnered invaluable insights, aiding in informed decision-making and fostering many friendships throughout her metaphysical voyage.

Inspired by the exemplary standards of Grand Master Dougles Chan, Tay’s vision extends beyond personal mastery; she envisions sharing these invaluable techniques with more like-minded individuals, fostering a community devoted to upholding and evolving the profound wisdom of metaphysics.